Whether you’re planning your soccer schedule, learning about Lewis and Clark, or mapping your local park, Google My Maps makes it easy to put your world on a custom map. Starting today, you can access My Maps right from Google Drive on your Google Apps account, so it’s even easier to create, find and share your custom maps. Here are some examples:
Create a new custom map right from Google Drive
Samantha is teaching a lesson on the expedition of Lewis and Clark. She creates a map with the beginning of their journey, then shares the map with her class so that they can collaborate on building the rest. Each student took responsibility for researching a fort or historic encounter. By detailing these adventures on the map, the class is able to relate them back to the real world.
Coach Tom is planning the fall schedule for the varsity football team. To make sure that everyone can get to all the games, he puts all the dates and locations on a map, then posts the map online so that all the athletes and parents can find it. On game day, everyone can easily find the field because they can pull up Google Maps on their phone and open Tom's map while on the road.
Alice is planning to take her science class on a field trip to the tide pools. Some parents are coming to help, and she wants to make sure everyone gets to the right place at the right time. She makes a quick map with directions to the tide pools, then posts it on her class Google Site for everyone to find. On the morning of the trip, everyone can easily load the map using Google Maps on their phone, allowing them to navigate to the tide pools without any question of where they're supposed to go.
Whatever your needs, Google My Maps—now accessible in Google Drive—makes teaching, learning, and getting things done that much easier.