Get your spacesuits on -- INTERSTELLAR lesson plans are ready for middle and high school classrooms. Google Certified Teachers created 21 classroom activities around the new film from director Christopher Nolan, spanning a variety of topics and aligned to educational standards.

Whatever subject you teach, we hope these lesson plans get your students even more excited about it. Here’s a sampling of our favorites:

Gravity Weighing You Down, by +JR Ginex-Orinion
Students break into small groups, then design suits that simulate the increased gravity felt in the movie. They’ll complete a set of basic physical tasks with and without their gravity suits on, then analyze how an increase in gravity relates to an increase in effort.

Human Memories, by +Michael Hernandez
In the film, senior citizens reflect on their time in the dust bowl on earth. Students will conduct interviews with senior citizens in their local community about a specific time period or incident that they lived though and their reactions.

Mapping the Solar System, by +Shannon Tabaldo
In INTERSTELLAR, the astronauts traveled through this galaxy and more. To better understand the scale of their journey, students will research the distances of the planets from the sun and draw them in correct proportions and scale.

Recursion, by +Richard Kick
In INTERSTELLAR, Murph and Professor Brand discuss a mathematical proof that is recursive in nature, meaning the analysis referred to itself. This lesson will help students begin to understand recursion and how it can be applied to better understand our world.

How Far Away?, by +Eric Marcos
Determine how far it is to the nearest black hole, then create scale representations to visualize the distance.

Plan A or Plan B?, by +Moss Pike
Identify the assumptions and extraordinary risks that underlie each of the two plans the astronauts debate in the film INTERSTELLAR, then examine the forces that drive them.

Dust Bowl Planet, by +Will Kimbley
In INTERSTELLAR the world is going through a severe global food shortage caused by environmental changes that in a number of ways parallels the Dust Bowl. Students will explore the possibility of another Dust Bowl on a global scale.

INTERSTELLAR is now in theaters, so you can buy group tickets for a school field trip to the movies, then try out a lesson plan with your students. Tag posts and photos with #InterstellarEdu on Google+ or Twitter to share your class’ accomplishments. We can’t wait to see the results.